Celestite Crystal Cluster

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The energy of Blue Celestite balances and heals your Heart & Throat Chakras!


Celestite has a very high vibration. Filled with divine energies, it helps you access infinite spiritual peace and the angelic realms. Other metaphysical properties of Celestite include:

  • opens and heals your Heart Chakra
  • very calming and peaceful
  • cools fiery emotions
  • advances your spiritual development¬†and enlightenment
  • stimulates clairvoyant communication
  • useful for dream recall and out of body journeys
  • heals your aura
  • brings balance and alignment
  • assists in conflict resolution and maintaining harmony especially in times of stress
  • improves dysfunctional relationships by making it easier to negotiate peacefully
  • attracts good fortune
  • imparts gentle strength and inner peace
  • helps you to be open to new experiences
  • gives you trust in the infinite wisdom of the universe and helps you to release your worries
  • creative stone, especially for the arts
  • calms and sharpens your mind, promotes mental clarity and fluent communication
  • balances and heals your Throat Chakra
  • excellent healing stone in general
  • helps dissolve pain
  • treats disorders of the eyes and ears
  • eliminates toxins
  • relaxes muscle tension

Cleansed of Negativity and Blessed under the Full Moon


Meckley Quarry, Mandata, Pennsylvania

Ex. Art Small Collection

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