About us

Lisa Dolan - Owner/Designer of Lee Lee’s Valise -

A contemporary plus size clothing store located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Her designs led to her own reality show “Big Brooklyn Style” on TLC which was executive produced by Stacy London of “What Not to Wear.” “Big Brooklyn Style” is where Lisa was able to finally share her ideas and styles with the rest of the country and now the world. Lisa can now share what she has learned about style with an entirely new audience who are searching for the right look to match their style. “Big Brooklyn Style” is the culmination of the journey that started with a simple wish. Quality clothing that fits. You see it was all about the clothes.

As a plus-size consumer, Lisa Dolan has traversed the boutiques of Brownstone Brooklyn, in search of contemporary clothing in her size. It became very apparent that all of these boutiques have ignored the “normal sized” women. As you might know, the majority of American women average a size 14, and it was impossible to find anything bigger that a 12 in any of the boutiques and shops that have sprung up in the neighborhood. So when the “perfect” space opened up in a historic spot on Court Street, we decided to open a shop that would specialize in sizes 10 to 28.

Our basic goal is to address most if not all of the problems we have encountered in shopping for clothing that fits and is on trend. We specialized in sizes 10 to 28 and hope to avoid the condescending attitude that permeates most of the boutiques in the neighborhood who really sneer at anyone bigger than a size 8. In addition to providing the latest fashion forward clothing, we hope to meet all of the fashion needs of our customers. We offer a unique collection of exclusive pieces made especially for our customers that are not available anywhere else.

Lee Lee’s Valise is very proud of our exclusives items that can only be found at our store and at our website. Every other store is content to carry the same things from the same lines but that is not what we do. We strive to create fashion forward pieces that incorporate the current trends from the runway that are exclusively adapted to our sizing. We refused to be labeled as just a “Plus” store. If you call everyone else a “Minus” than you can call us a “Plus!” We are just a store with different sizes. A store with the clothes that will let you be on trend in the hottest colors, fabrics and styles that we have created exclusively for you.

The name Lee Lee’s Valise originated from Lisa’s childhood. When she was a child she would always spend her Christmas vacation in Long Island with her Aunt Theresa and Uncle Mickey and their children. After celebrating Christmas in Brooklyn, the whole group would trek into midtown to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show. Lisa would always pack her clothes in her grandfather’s battered valise and her Uncle Mickey would have to lug it to the city and on the train to Long Island. One year, Uncle Mickey (who worked for the Port Authority) thought it would be a good idea to put the valise in a locker to be picked up after the show.

But little Lee Lee was devastated. “My valise, My valise….Uncle Mickey they are going to steal my valise and all my new clothes and toys…oh no…..my valise”. Poor Uncle Mickey had to leave the show to get Lee Lee’s valise so she could know that her clothes were safe. To this day, her cousins still tease her and ask her “Lee Lee…where’s your valise? “Well, now Lisa can tell them that her valise is on the corner of Court and President St. and it is filled with her clothes and toys that she wants to share with all of her friends and family…at very reasonable prices.

So come on down and check out what we can find in Lee Lee’s Valise.