About us

Lisa Dolan - Owner/Designer of Lee Lee’s Valise

Lisa is the owner, designer and brains behind Lee Lee’s Valise. Originally manifested as a contemporary plus size clothing store located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, Lee Lee’s has evolved into an on-line shop offering more spiritual fare which includes tarot cards, crystals and workshops. Lisa has gone from tending to the physical appearance to the spiritual side of the equation. Both need to part of a holistic treatment of the mind and the body to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa’s designs led to her own reality show “Big Brooklyn Style” on TLC which was executive produced by Stacy London of “What Not to Wear.” “Big Brooklyn Style” was the vehicle where Lisa was able to finally share her ideas and styles of plus sized clothing. She had met thousands of people who told her their story and she found her empathy for them leading her to look at other ways of addressing their needs.

Lisa has always enjoyed the practice of the Tarot. For many years she had read the cards of friends and acquaintances as a hobby. Her ability to read people helped her dress them and informed her work as a designer. Lisa spent a great deal of time instructing and teaching people how to dress themselves. Now she has decided to teach them how to read the Tarot and how to use crystals to help themselves be the best that they can be. She is addressing many of the same issues that led people to seek her out as a purveyor of plus sized clothing. Lee Lee’s has moved to the spiritual side of the ledger to help our clientele as we move “Into the Mystic.”

Lisa has been very successful in offering a “Tarot 101” course which was an introduction to the Tarot. In this class you will learn the basics of the Deck as well as how to do a simple reading. This class has proved to be very popular and has now moved on-line. Both group and individual classes are available. In person and online.

Lee Lee’s has set up a monthly online meeting called “The Gang” where we meet online to learn about the Tarot, read cards and learn to utilize the Tarot in our everyday life. Similar to the meetings we had in the store this monthly group will both refresh your knowledge and lead to a better understanding of our spiritual voyage “Into the Mystic.”

Lee Lee’s Valise has also devised an exceptional group of unique tarot decks, crystals, crystal kits, chakra kits, candles and other accessories for the spiritual life. A wide variety of tarot and oracle cards are available that give different artistic interpretations of this ancient wisdom. Pick out the deck that speaks to you.


The name Lee Lee’s Valise originated from Lisa’s childhood. When she was a child she would always spend her Christmas vacation in Long Island with her Aunt Theresa and Uncle Mickey and their children. After celebrating Christmas in Brooklyn, the whole group would trek into midtown to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show. Lisa would always pack her clothes in her grandfather’s battered valise and her Uncle Mickey would have to lug it to the city and on the train to Long Island. One year, Uncle Mickey (who worked for the Port Authority) thought it would be a good idea to put the valise in a locker to be picked up after the show.

But little Lee Lee was devastated. “My valise, My valise….Uncle Mickey they are going to steal my valise and all my new clothes and toys…oh no…..my valise”. Poor Uncle Mickey had to leave the show to get Lee Lee’s valise so she could know that her clothes were safe. To this day, her cousins still tease her and ask her “Lee Lee…where’s your valise? “Well, now Lisa can tell them that her valise is on the corner of Court and President St. and it is filled with her clothes and toys that she wants to share with all of her friends and family…at very reasonable prices.

So come on down and check out what we can find in Lee Lee’s Valise.