Pyrite Cubes

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Cubes from Peru are nicely cut and polished into a cube shape. Cubes consolidate energy, creating a foundation for intention and grounding. Pyrite Cubes are great for grids, energy work, meditation, or decoration.

Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Use Pyrite to block energy leaks and mend auric tears. Working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Pyrite is helpful for those having trouble with will-power, anxiety, and/or commitment. Used on the Third Eye, Pyrite strengthens mental abilities and awareness of higher forms of knowledge. Meditating with Pyrite can help one to overcome shyness, bringing a greater feeling of assertiveness, without becoming a bully.

Pyrite is often used in prosperity rituals, due to it's stimulating energies of manifestation. Pyrite is great for use in grids. Pyrite can help to forge an energetic connection between the Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye Chakras, which helps to bring ideas from the higher self down through the seat of the will, and ground it into reality.

Pyrite also promotes good physical health and emotional well-being. Pyrite is helpful for any type of infection and can purify the systems of the body. Carry Pyrite in your pocket to protect you from both environmental pollution and physical danger, and to bring a feeling of increased vitality during times of hard-work or stress. If you are feeling overworked lately, with no end in sight, then Pyrite might be for you!

Each is unique in color and size varies 1"-2 3/4" ~Color may vary

Handpicked for you! Cleansed of Negativity and Blessed under the Full Moon


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