Welcome to the New Lee Lee's Valise!

Welcome to the New Lee Lee's Valise!

For ten years I helped my customers find a style that fit them, hence the tag line “We Fit Your Style” which addressed issues going beyond the clothing. Now, I turned it up a few notches and the new tag line is “We Fit Your Soul.”

Welcome to the “New” Lee Lee’s Valise ~ Into the Mystic!


Hi it’s me Lisa Dolan. I am the owner of Lee Lee’s Valise which started out as a brick and mortar boutique and has now evolved into an online store. Many of you know me from shopping in my boutique over the years. I may have dressed you personally for a fabulous date or work function or just to refresh your wardrobe. I had designed my own line of clothing which was exclusive to my boutique and was featured many times on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. This led to my own reality show “Big Brooklyn Style” on TLC/BBC. I still have some of my classic designs available on the site but I have to say that my focus has changed and I want to tell you all about it.


I have always been interested in the spiritual world and have been involved in reading Tarot for over thirty years. I transitioned into delving “Into the Mystic” by offering classes on reading the Tarot to some of my customers in the store. These classes were very popular and now I have moved them online. Classes are available to the beginner as well as the experienced reader who wants to brush up on their technique. Or for someone who wants to learn in a nonjudgmental setting with a supportive group who will learn and grow together.


My studies of the spiritual world has also led to my continuing deep interest into the use of crystals.  Lee Lees will be offering classes into the use and meaning of various crystals which will also be available online. Please check out the many beautiful crystals available on the site. We have individual crystals, grids and kits that will enhance your studies and be a perfect addition to your collection or even the beginning of one to start you off on your journey.


“Lee Lee’s Valise into the Mystic” offers crystals, tarot decks, oracle decks, accessories and most importantly those online classes where I can share what I have learned as well as the insight I can offer to both the beginning and the more experienced student. You will simply have to purchase a class and I will email you the details of where and when we will be able to start.


I am sure that you will enjoy our new direction as much as you enjoyed our clothing. When I was styling my customers in the store I always worked with them to help then find their best self. We discussed what was going on below the layers of clothing and from the neck up as well! Now I am expanding that into a more spiritual realm going soul deep and I hope you will join me in this new incarnation of Lee Lee’s Valise.


Welcome and be sure to leave a comment or question as we embark on this journey together.

All the best,



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