Happy Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn Equinox

It is the Autumn Equinox!

It is the Autumn Equinox!


The Members of the Moon Gang have been enjoying our meetings as we track the progress of the Moon through the seasons. It’s officially the Autumn Equinox and now it is even more interesting to look at where the Moon is and what effect it is having on us.


The Moon is currently in Leo and will soon traverse to Virgo for two days and then finally Libra on September 28th when we will have the new moon in Libra. Libra is important to me because it is my husband Jim’s sun sign and he is a real Libra!


The Libra Moon is all about balance and harmony. Seeing both sides of the coin. The glass is not just half full or half empty. The Libra Moon is the time to focus on Justice but also to pay attention to beauty. The change of season and the falling leaves give us a gentle reminder of time passing. It is a time to bring balance to your partnerships, legal matters and even to romance. There must be a balance between the financial and the spiritual and the Libra Moon is the perfect time to strike that balance to try to find harmony with your partners in both business and romance.



September 23 is the official beginning of autumn as it is the autumn equinox. After the autumnal equinox, the sun is rising later and nightfall comes sooner. This will end with the December Solstice when the days start to grow longer and the nights shorter even if it is only for a few minutes.



Another sign of the changes in the season is the change of color of the leaves on the trees in your neighborhood. Surprisingly this is not due to it getting colder but to the amount of daylight and the process of photosynthesis. Shorter days and less light leads to the leaf not being able to have enough time to process and they wither and die. A sure sign that winter is coming.



So now is the time to prepare for all of the great Autumn festivals that we enjoy celebrating every year.


Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Jewish New Year are all in the offing and we can start preparing to celebrate Autumn and the bounty of the harvest and the blessings of Mother Earth.



Happy Autumn Solstice to one and all!


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