25-30mm BLOODSTONE Pyramid

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Sculpted of finely polished bloodstone, this powerful pyramid shaped stone can be of great use in energy work, as well as ritual magic. With bloodstone functioning naturally as an aid in instilling courageous energies and helping to balance out the chakras, it can be a powerful healing stone. Shaped into a pyramid, these energies can be directed through the stone, helping to increase their potency, "filter" them as you seek to balance them, or otherwise direct them to where they need to be. This pyramid shaped stone sits between 25 and 30mm square, varying slightly between each stone.

Size: approx. 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" ~ 25-30mm

Each is unique in color and shade.

Each stone has been hand-picked, cleared of negativity and blessed by many full moons.

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