The New Mythic Tarot

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First published in 1989, The Mythic Tarot deck has been an international success with tarot readers for over 25 years. New life has been breathed into this classic deck with all new illustrations by Giovanni Caselli. The Major Arcana card illustrations depict the gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines of classical Greek mythology. These familiar archetypes reflect our own life patterns and experiences. The images are rich in psychological insight, providing wisdom and guidance for seekers of personal growth. The Minor Arcana are presented in the form of stories that accompany each of the four suits, each relating to a different sphere of life.

The expertly written 256-page illustrated book guides the reader through the myths, the imagery and symbolism of each tarot card, and the meaning of the card at both the inner level and the divinatory level. Instructions are given for the Celtic Cross spread and a Planetary Spread with sample readings.

78 cards, 
Book, 256 pp., illus., pb. (not sold separately)
Size     Box measures 6.25" x 9.75"; Cards measure 2.75" x 4.75"
Author     Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene
Artist     Giovanni Caselli

 The theme of this deck is Greek mythology and these myths are used to illustrate the deck and its psychological themes.  According to Sharman-Burke, one of the authors, "Greek myths have been assigned to each card and the stories are intended to be used as a springboard from which to enrich an understanding of the psychological uses the tarot can be put to."

Although not a clone of the traditional Rider-Waite deck, anyone who is familiar with the Waite deck will find some similarities.  The authors of the Mythic Tarot have tried to maintain a connection to the Waite-tradition without copying it.

The four suits in this deck cover four well-known myths in detail:

•   Cups -- the love of Eros and Psyche

•   Wands -- the adventurs of Jason and the Argonauts

•   Swords -- the tribulations of Orestes and the House of Atreus

•   Pentacles -- the resourcefulness of Daedalus against the Minotaur

The cards are simple, warm, and attractive.  I like the simplicity of the cards, which seem to have an emotional expression on a subtle level.  They are pleasing to look at, and they do contain symbolic images, but are done in an uncluttered fashion.  For each card, the accompanying book describes the myth that is illustrated on a card, an interpretation on an inner level, and a short divinatory interpretation.

—Velvet Angel,

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