Soul Journey Deck

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"I use this deck daily! I transferred the deck into an antique bowl which makes it available for easy access. Anytime I feel the need to empower myself within a situation or just to start the day, I stop for a moment, settle within and breath." ~Lisa

This deck is meant to do more than just guide you in reflection and gratitude of what you have—but it's crafted in a way to help you ask yourself hard questions, gently, and encourage you to challenge the way you think about self-care.

This provides a private space to build trust with yourself and claim + integrate the shadows you meet. Nothing I ask you to think about or do isn't something that I haven't already done—so I know that with hard work and a little tenderness you can make it through the entire deck. And while each card isn't unicorns and rainbows...all the cards are things I have been asked or have asked myself as a way to help me dive into the scary or dark places I may be too afraid to share out loud. 

The function of this deck isn't like most of the others I've seen (which is why I felt it was so important to "birth" this deck into the world). These cards are meant to really drive you to take back control of your power, to learn to express yourself and your emotions, and explore the parts of you that may need a bit more Light.

130 Cards

Find something cool to leave your cards in for easy access for a daily affirmations.

Deck measures 2.75" x 4.75", soft matte coating, rigid 2-piece box
Creator: Nancy Hess

Something about the creator:

From the moment the thought came shooting into my mind, it only took me 4 hours to come up with 300 prompts, 4 card themes, and imagery + color scheme—and I sent it to the printer the next morning for my first draft. Through a couple versions, the deck has been shrunk down to 130 cards and a much smaller physical and portable size. 

I lovingly call this deck "therapy in a box" because it is inspired by my own soul's journey and development which has been supported by all of the guidance and direction I've received from my healers, shamans, mediums, spiritual counselors, and my personal guides, teachers, and angels too. 


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