Rainbow Fluorite Worry Stones

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Rainbow Fluorite Worry Stones (Grade A) ★ Rainbow Fluorite is a powerful stone for meditation. Ward off negative energy and keep your aura shining bright with the soothing vibration of a Rainbow Fluorite Worry Stone. Who doesn't love to stare at a rainbow!

When working with the upper Chakras, Rainbow Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit.

Add this Beautiful Polished Rainbow Fluorite to your Mediation Altar and Crystal Grids, or anywhere in your space or carry it with you in you pocket. (it has an indent for your thumb)

Affirmation: I have the power to reprogram my thoughts.

This All Natural Grade A Rainbow Fluorite is lovely to look at and to hold her, the energy is amazing. Beautiful Rainbows and so many worlds within! She flashes you with her beauty in every turn.

★ Metaphysical Properties:

Primary Chakra: Upper Chakras
Astrological sign(s): Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
Hardness: 4
Vibration: Number: 6

Multi-color or rainbow fluorite brings a combination of energies to enhance flexibility, free thinking, and emotional brightness. It can bring enhanced protection in the areas enhanced by all combined types and is used to repair muddy or torn areas of the aura.
If the multi-color fluorite is particularly strong in one color, it will also be strong in that color’s area of influence.

Made in Brazil

This listing is for ONE (1) Fluorite Worry Stone (palm stone) that you have chosen from a, b, c through f.

approx. weight (1.0 ounces) Height 2" x  1" wide

Cleansed of Negativity and Blessed with Reiki under the Full Moon


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