Opalite Unicorn

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Opalite Unicorn Great for bringing inner peace and a sense of calm to any situation.

Add this Beautiful Opalite Polished Unicorn to your Mediation Altar and Crystal Grids, or anywhere in your space. Keep it under your pillow

One of the best ways to use Opalite is to meditate with them. Opalite is best for both psychic and healing meditation. Meditating with Opalite can result in various psychic communication abilities which can be awakened and stimulated.

★ What is inside Opalite?

Opalite is a wonderfully serene stone. It’s an iridescent man-made glass resin which is made up of Dolomite and metal to create an opalescent appearance. Natural Opalite is a stone that comes from opalized volcanic ash. This rarely happens, but when it does, it can usually be found in areas in Africa and Brazil.
Opalite is also very beneficial for communication on a spiritual level. It will help you connect with and receive messages from the spirit world. Its energies will also help you interpret the visions and messages that you receive. Opalite is a stone that will allow you to make the most of your personal power and channel it into your everyday life so that you can successfully take charge of the things that take place around you.
Opalite is believed to alleviate depression, soothe frayed nerves and help us to step away from anxiety. It is said to bring inner peace and a sense of calm in any situation.
Primary Chakra: 3rd Eye
Astrological sign(s): Cancer
Vibration: Number: 9
Hardness: 5.5 - 6.5 Mohs

Unicorn: approx. weight 1 ounce

Approx. Height is 2. inches, 2. wide .25" depth

Cleansed of Negativity and Blessed with Reiki under the Full Moon


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