LLV Moon Gang

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"Were Not a Club, Were a Gang!" ~It all started in Brooklyn, so yeah a Gang. A Spiritual Gang.

A Moon Gang on a Spiritual Mission!

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Have you ever heard the saying “Physician Heal Thyself?”

We all know what it means. It is cautioning the doctor who spends all of his time and energy healing his patients and neglects his own health. He only has time for the people in his care and gets ill because he doesn’t take the time to do the things he needs to do to maintain his own health so he can serve his community.

Lee Lees Valise’s Moon Gang is here to serve that purpose for those of us involved in the spiritual community be it as teachers or students. It is a gathering of like minded souls who will work together to heal and grow during the phases of the Moon and take care of own spiritual needs. You might be so busy with work, kids or family issues while neglecting your spiritual health. By following the phases of the Moon, this “Gang” is your solution to the problem.

We will gather together to curate our spiritual health and work together to do the things that will aid in this effort. We will read the tarot, throw runes, mediate and just do whatever is necessary to maintain our spiritual health in a supportive environment.

This will be your time to be away from all the stress and bother of everyday life. A time for you to join in with the other members of the Gang to get encouragement and support. We have your back. You’re in the Gang and you don’t even have to get a prison tattoo.

So join us via Patreon, Zoom, and Facebook as we all meet and talk and share and help each other.

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