I am Power Deck

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"I use this deck daily! I transferred the deck into an antique bowl which makes it available for easy access. Anytime I feel the need to empower myself within a situation or just to start the day, I stop for a moment, settle within and breath." ~Lisa

This deck can be used for 1 card pulls, daily inspirations, in depth readings, Past - Present, Future readings, and more. Along with the usage of this deck being a meditation tool if desired.

Simply shuffle up your deck.
Take in a deep breath.
Get comfortable.
And one at a time pull a card turning it over and saying out loud the affirmation you see.
Do this the entire time, until you've gone through the entire deck.

I personally like to sit outside or on occasion put meditation music on in the background.

You receive the 112 card shrink wrapped deck in a flip box.Instruction cards included.

Find something cool to leave your cards in for easy access for a daily affirmations.

Size Cards measure 3.50" x 2.5", Box measures 3.75" x 2.5"
Creator: Devin Strickler    Artist: Brittany Burkard

Something about the creator:

The I Am deck was created lovingly on my husband and I's 1 year wedding anniversary, March 18th. Over the drive to dinner and dinner itself I pitched the idea to my husband of an Oracle deck retitled or dubbed if you will a "Power deck". A deck to bring a sense of personal pride / power / and presence, that is inspired by a traditional mala and my own personal journey with really stepping up my personal spiritual practice. This deck can be used as a meditation tool on top of being a standard card deck that readings can be done with.

And so the deck was born.

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