AA Quality Amethyst Cluster (2)

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AA Quality Amethyst Cluster (2) ★ Amethyst is the stone of transformation and enlightenment. Amethyst magnifies the energy of other crystals.

Amethyst heightens psychic powers, and will strengthen your connection to all things mystical and magical It is considered a Master Crystals when it comes to Spirituality

This Amethyst Cluster is lovely to look at and to hold her, the energy is amazing. Beautiful agate banding all the way around. She flashes you with her beauty in every turn. She lays flat to even charge your jewelry or other items. Add Amethyst to your bedroom for a calm sleep and peaceful dreams. Sit it on your nightstand or under your bed!

Add this Beautiful Amethyst Cluster to your Mediation Altar and Crystal Grids, or anywhere in your space.

★ Metaphysical Properties: It is good for overall protection, and physical, emotional, and mental balance. it can be used to relieve homesickness. It helps wealth, business success, moving forward in life, coping with change. It's useful for purification during ceremonies. Amethyst enhances the aura, self-esteem, meditation, spirit contact, and spirituality.

Primary Chakra: Crown
Astrological sign(s): Aquarius, Pisces
Vibration: Number 3

Direct from the mines in Uruguay

Cluster 2: approx. weight (7.0 ounces) or 200 kg
Color: Violet
You will receive this exact specimen in your order
This is not a stock photo.
Approx. Width is 3.5" x 2.5" x 1" High
You CAN water cleanse this specimen
Note: Color may fade over time in direct sunlight

Cleansed of Negativity and Blessed with Reiki under the Full Moon


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